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Episode 6 — Fun with Fillings

We spill the beans on how some gummi bears may be good for your teeth and fill you in on fillings. Everything you wanted to know about fillings. Yes, everything. No, wait, it’s not that bad!


Episode 5 — My Dentist has Mad Tech

We’ve made it to episode 5. We fill you in on genuine reasons to avoid the dentist, but take care not to avoid overusing these as excuses. If you tell us one to many times that you have tuberculosis we’ll start to wonder if you live in a Russian prison. We’ll also tell you what cool new tools your dentist can use to treat you if you actually make it to their office.


Episode 4 – Whiter Teeth in Just 32:04

Put down the whiteout–we’ll tell you what to do to get your teeth looking their whitest. But first, Dr. Edwards gripes about alternative health gurus who act like they have a secret about avoiding cavities and dishes on terminator bacteria. Good terminator bacteria that is.