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Episode 7 — Implants…Dental Implants

We are joined in this episode by Dr. Paul Korb, an oral surgeon.  We all talk about how great dental implants are and let you know what they can do for you.  This is actually the 1st of  2 parts of the discussion.  Part 2 will be coming to you in a future episode.  But first, find out what physical features people are attracted to most.  You might be surprised.  Please don’t forget to make a comment at the bottom.

Show Notes

Guest Host–Dr. Paul Korb

Dr. Paul Korb

Dr. Paul Korb

Dr. Korb is a Board-Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and his practice is focused on periodontal plastic surgery, dentoalveleolar surgery, and orthognathic surgery.  He hosts, lectures, or moderates quarterly educational seminars in the north metro Atlanta area.

Dr. Korb’s goal is to “provide the patients I serve with the best oral and maxillofacial surgery care available and to contribute to the professional dental and oral surgery communities both locally and nationally. I believe the best patients are educated patients who can then make informed choices about their oral health care. Those patients when paired with a team of highly trained and ethical dental professionals can obtain results beyond expectation.”

Find out more about Dr. Korb’s practice at www.PaulKorb.com.

News: Smile Surveys

2009 Nobel Biocare survey–www.usdentalsurvey.com

  • Largest known consumer survey about dentistry ever
  • People ranked the physical attributes most important to them and how well they were satisfied with their own physical attributes
  • A big thank you to Mark Macauley, Marketing Communications Manager with Nobel Biocare and Tom Albright, VP of Marketing with Nobel Biocare for helping me
  • Please note, I was curious in the episode as to how the terms Smile and Appearance of Teeth would be considered different things in the survey.  As Tom and Mark helped me to understand, these were items in a list of physical attributes and were open to the participants’ interpretation.

2008 ADA,Crest Survey–http://www.ada.org/public/media/presskits/publicspeaks/survey_findings.pdf

  • Also a survey of the most attractive physical attributes

2007 Crest Whitestrips Survey–http://www.whitestrips.com/whitestrips-facts/career.jsp

  • Survey on how the smile can affect your professional success, financial success, and even your perceived trustworthiness

Word of the Day: Osseointegration

The complete incorporation of a foreign body (such as an implant) into bone, which in our discussion would be the upper or lower jawbone.

Dental Implants

  • What is an implant?
  • Why would you do an implant?

Dental Tech

  • Laser encoded implant instruments

Remember to send in your questions to info@ToothBeKnown.com.


3 comments to Episode 7 — Implants…Dental Implants

  • Good to know about this topic more.Thanks for share this.
    Dental Incorporation is the great thing in now days.

  • I was stunned to find there are no reviews of this book here at Amazon. This book is a great read. I had trouble putting it down! The author is a professor of literature and makes an apology for stepping outside her field (of literature) to write a book about plastic surgery, but it is PRECISELY her background that makes this book so wonderful.

    The topic is well-researched and yet presented in layman’s terms and the stats and facts are nothing but mind blowing. She makes references to Frankenstein, which prompted me to go read THAT classic and she’s right; we’re now formed by society’s impressions of our physical appearance (which is the link to Victor Frankenstein’s monster).

    If you think about this, it’s rather insane. When people’s appearance is improved, they’re treated better by society and that gives them more self-confidence and inner peace. How bass-ackwards is that?

    I don’t know when I’ve read a more thought-provoking book than Flesh Wounds. I find myself quoting from it to friends again and agai

  • Really interesting. Thanks for the great resource!

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