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Episode 4 – Whiter Teeth in Just 32:04

Put down the whiteout–we’ll tell you what to do to get your teeth looking their whitest. But first, Dr. Edwards gripes about alternative health gurus who act like they have a secret about avoiding cavities and dishes on terminator bacteria. Good terminator bacteria that is.

Show Notes

Dental Tech: SMaRT Replacement Therapy


Word of the Day: Enamel

The outer layer of a tooth which has properties similar to glass. It is strong when compressed, but very weak when flexed. This is the part of the tooth which responds the most during the whitening process.

Whitening Techniques

  • What sorts of things discolor your teeth
  • What to do before you whiten your teeth
  • Systems: OTC, mall kiosks, and professional systems
  • What to expect


Should my 5 year boy old be flossing? I have enough trouble getting him
to brush and I figured you don’t need to worry too much about baby
teeth. Am I right?


Tim from Cumming, GA

Love the show!

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