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Episode 3 – Kids Have Grills Too

Thanks for coming back!  In this episode we answer the most common questions we get about baby teeth (including why they are important).  We also bring you news on whether the Tooth Fairy will be filing Chapter 11, and tell you where to get your very own stem cells.

Show Notes

Tooth Fairy Report


Word of the Day: Eruption Cyst

A cyst (fluid-filled sac) that often forms over or around an erupting adult tooth. It is often bluish in color and will typically “pop” on its own as the adult tooth continues to erupt. Typically, no treatment is necessary.

Common Questions About Kids’ Teeth

  • When do kids start to get their teeth?
  • When should kids start brushing their teeth and when should they start using toothpaste?
  • Are baby teeth really that important?
  • At what age should kids see the dentist?
  • Are pacifiers ok?
  • At what age do kids lose their teeth?
  • Why are the adult teeth more yellow than the baby teeth?

Dental Tech: Stem Cells

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