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Episode 10–Common Dental Myths…Busted!

On today’s show we bust the top 10 dental myths out there (well the top 10 according to us).  First, for all you winos, white wine may not stain your teeth as badly as red, but can still allow your teeth to darken.  But after a few bottles you probably won’t care.

Show Notes

News: White Wine Stains Your Teeth Too

  • This research was conducted by Ms. Cristina M. Dobrescu, while a third-year student at New York University College of Dentistry and Dr. Mark Wolff, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Cariology & Comprehensive Care at New York University College of Dentistry.
  • Video of Dr. Wolff explaining the findings (scroll down the page to the eighth entry where you see Dr. Wolff on WABC)

Common Dental Myths

  • Myth #1:  It is OK to apply aspirin to a sore in your mouth instead of swallowing it
  • Myth #2: Babies “steal” calcium from their moms’ teeth
  • Myth #3: Dentures are easier
  • Myth #4: Baby teeth aren’t worth saving
  • Myth #5: Nausea and vomiting are signs of an allergy
  • Myth #6: I don’t have to take all my antibiotics
  • Myth #7: Tooth whitening products will give you cancer
  • Myth #8: Tooth whitening damages your teeth
  • Myth #9: It’s easier to extract a tooth than to save it
  • Myth #10: My dentist won’t be able to tell if I’ve been smoking

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Interesting Piece of Trivia for the Day: Xtreme 19th Golf Hole at The Legend Golf and Safari Resort


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  • What is the term used in dentistry to replace a missing tooth? I had a root canal done on a tooth, and it was never finished, the tooth was left hollow and it recently just broke off and only a small peice up close to the gum line is broken. It is my left front tooth. It’s very unattractive, and I need to get it fixed. Would this procedure be called a crown, a cap or what exactly is involved in cosmetic dentistry to replace a missing tooth? Is it expensive?

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    A crown or cap is placed on an existing tooth. It sounds like you may need to replaced an entire tooth. There are typically 3 options for this: a removable partial denture, a bridge, or a dental implant. The partial denture is the least fun since it tends to trap food and moves around. The bridge is cemented in placed but can trap food too. The dental implant is like a brand new “bionic” tooth. The expense for these procedures range quite a bit from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the situation. Hope that helps.

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